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The small entrance at the front of NINJA KYOTO building takes you down to the hidden village for ninja. There are various types of semi-private eating room for guests in dark hideout. We offer you delicious and beautiful foods, friendly and helpful service, and so on. Our recommendation is the set course meal, rating from JPY3,000, because you taste many different types of ninja-style dishes with a number of courses. With any luck, you will see ninjutsu (the table magic) performed by the master ninja.

*For those seeking meat-free options, we have a vegetarian course on menu.
*Our chef makes your meal pork-alcohol-free.
(on request)



5:00pm-11:00pm(Last Entry 10:00)
*Kindly note that we do not open for lunch unless your party has 10+ guests.
(Lunch Hours 1. Booking is required at least one week in advance.
2. All of you are supposed to order the set course.)

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NINJA KYOTO1階に位置するシアターレストラン「幻術桟敷」では伝統楽器のミュージックショーを上演しております。ショーを観ながら、当館の人気レストラン「京極忍びの里」から選りすぐりの人気メニューをお楽しみ頂けます。いつものお食事とは一味違う、夜のエンターテインメントをご満喫下さい。

"Genjutsusajiki" located on the 1st floor at NINJA KYOTO, is the dinner theater where talented musicians perform traditional live music. While seeing the show, you can enjoy the popular dishes from our signature restaurant "Kyogoku Shinobi no Sato". Have fun night, feel difference! The show schedule is here.

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